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Counselling is a talking therapy that aims to relieve distress – heal emotional wounds, resolve inner conflicts, change unhelpful habits of thoughts and behaviours, fashion new narratives  thus relieving any psychological or physical pain.


Typical issues I have counselled:

  • Anxiety / Social Anxiety / Phobias

  • Depression / Post Natal Depression

  • Self esteem issues

  • Loneliness and isolation 

  • Guilt / Shame 

  • Domestic and coercive abuse

  • Relationship issues

  • Family Issues

  • Divorce

  • Bereavement

  • Terminal Illness

  • Trauma / Birth Trauma

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences 

Counselling can be a very effective support in helping sort through life’s challenges:

  • Self-exploration and self-discovery

  • Support and validation

  • Change in self-defeating behaviours/habits

  • Relief from depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions

  • Enhances self-esteem and greater self-acceptance

  • Finding purpose

  • Better expression and management of emotions

  • Fosters hope, motivation, and encouragement

  • Enables different perspectives

  • Improves interpersonal communication skills

  • Manages stress more effectively 

  • Improves decision making 

  • Improves abilities for problem-solving and conflict resolution

  • Effective skills for life

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